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About me

Hi, I'm A.A.James!
I love reading Motivational books, Fantasy books, and Manga. I believe that books are one of the most important things that teach you about new things, especially how to shape and develop yourself into a unique individual.

Apart from loving books, music is something I love, as well. Since a very young age, I have been doing music as a part of my daily life. I can play four different instruments and sing. I also love art, specifically, the ones used to create manga's and animes, maybe one day I'll learn to design my own!

why I write

I have always believed that I could create stories that would be able to take my readers on a new journey. Writing to me is a key to the hearts and minds of the world. My stories allows my readers to fly off into a world full of fun and imagination. They are real and impactful. I want to use my stories to inspire and create.